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Translation Manager

“ATLANT-BİZNES” Translation Center
“ATLANT-BİZNES” Translation Center

Date added: 19.05.2015
Salary: 500 - 700 AZN
Industry: Languages and culture
Job type: Full-time
Job location: Baku, Azerbaijan


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1.Graduate from departments of English /Translator, Law, Marketing, Economics and etc.
2.Fluent knowledge of English/Russian and Azerbaijani Languages
3.Good experience in translation, proofreading, office management or project management
4.Excellent knowledge of computer (MS Office, Outlook, Power Point, Photoshop, Google chrome and etc.)
5.Good operation of office equipments (fax, scanning, Xerox and etc.)


1.Working schedule: from Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
2.In addition to the defined salary, we also provide bonuses depending on profits from customers

All interested candidates can send their CVs to with subject ATLANT-BIZNES / Translation Manager

Job description

1.Manage translation offers from receiving any text or documentation to be translated or notarized;review such texts and documentation to define the subject of texts and the availability of notarization
2.Check corporate emails and calls for negotiation with customers; reply to customers about documentation process;
3.Coordinate the whole translation and documentation вЂ" check and revise the translations, if needed to send such materials for proofreading, and when the texts translated are correct, then submit to the customer
4.Build Translators/freelance bases (distribute them for specialization in translation subjects)
5.Build customer relationships, make a customer base, manage the whole payment processes

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the whole translation and office management quality
2. Reporting to director
3. Organizing the whole working process in the translation company
4. Make budget for translation company, control and manage marketing and promotional activities
5. Check and revise the translations, define the subject of translation to define to which translators they to be sent for translation, if needed translation and proofreading

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