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GRBS, founded on 16th of September 2004, is a regional leader and innovator company in its field of activity. GRBS provides high-quality services in the areas of training,  preparation for international qualifications and exams as well as full range of services on psychological support of personnel management and attestation of working places.


− Time Management (Price: 170 AZN)
− Communication Strategies (Price: 240 AZN)
− Presentation Speech Skills (Price: 170 AZN)
− Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure (Price: 280 AZN)
− Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace (Price: 240 AZN)
− Mastering the Interview (Price: 170 AZN)
− Research Skills (Price: 260 AZN)
− Body Language (Price: 245 AZN)
− Goal Setting (Price: 280 AZN)
− Professional Seller (Price: 360 AZN)
− Phone Sales Techniques (Price: 300 AZN)
− Sales Training Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro (Price: 240 AZN)
− Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool (Price: 240 AZN)
− Marketing and Sales (Price: 290 AZN)
− Business Writing that Works (Price: 280 AZN)
− Team Building Developing High Performance Teams (Price: 680 AZN)
− Anger Management (Price: 220 AZN)
− Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio (Price: 160 AZN)
− Conflict Resolution Getting Along in the Workplace (Price: 360 AZN)
− HSE Awareness (Price: 220 AZN)
− First Aid (Price: 190 AZN)
− Fire Fighting (Price: 220 AZN)
− Electrical Safety (Price: 220 AZN)
− Risk Assessment (Price: 220 AZN)
− Sanitary-hygienic Norms for Canteen, Restaurant and Caboose Employees (Price: 220 AZN)
− Behavioral Safety (Price: 220 AZN)
− Waste Management (Price: 360 AZN)
− Workplace Ergonomics (Price: 360 AZN)
− Critical Thinking (Price: 280 AZN)
− Strategic Management (Price: 560 AZN)
− Risk Management (Price: 340 AZN)
− Conference and Event Management (Price: 420 AZN)
− Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells (Price: 1500 AZN)
− Offshore Drilling (Price: 1200 AZN)
− Mud Engineering (Price: 950 AZN)
− HS of gas and oil-gas wells (Price 950 AZN)
− New technology of GIS (Price 750 AZN)
− Finance for nonfinancial managers (Price: 360 AZN)
− Profit Planning (Price: 290 AZN)
− Investment Planning (Price: 290 AZN)
− Accounting Skills for New Supervisors (Price: 360 AZN)


44 Jafar Jabbarli Street, Caspian Plaza, 7th floor

Baku AZ1065, Azerbaijan

Tel.: (99412) 437-10-51; 437-32-61



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