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Ideal Perfumery & Cosmetics

Ideal Perfumery & Cosmetics
İDEAL – in pursuit of perfection… Ambitions – good or bad? In case of being with our team – good, and in IDEAL – excellent. Ambitions are pride, to be more accurate, dignity, and with honor we present products deserving only you...
Are you pursuing perfection? We too! Namely for that reason Ideal is a national retail company promoting the best foreign brands of cosmetics and perfumery in the domestic market. To keep a foothold at the height is more difficult than to attain it. And You understand us. Look around, number of people wishing to become better than you grows day by day - youth, beauty, new opportunities…But…to reach IDEAL is possible only thanks to a high level competition because this a motive to be always one step ahead and one step higher of all. We see! Our company continuously works on increasing quality of client services, we improve corporate management and establish proper image. And all in all, why? We pursue perfection...
In order to advance with confidence in life, you need a goal and we have it. As each person’s name is individual, so individual is a company brand: it has to make a full introduction to owner and carry her/his vigor. We have taken a big responsibility upon us, remember famous Capitan Wrungel: “As you call a boat, so will it swim…” IDEAL – this is not only your perfect image, but also our work with accurately organized management thanks to genuine professionalism. Our mission is simple, goal is clear and policy is transparent.
If you want to know how we do manage and what important is for us, you are welcome, we do not have any secrets

  • continuously improve client service
As our company Ideal mainly involves with retail trade, your feedback and sales volume are major indicators of our success. Our task – is to satisfy as possible as more buyers’ requirements not only with range of products, but also with diversity of price and accessibility. Without depending on financial resources you can have optimal set of purchases and make various combinations. Meanwhile, you can be absolutely sure that you will get real quality goods because our primary task is to promote ecologically clean and healthy products. Today we offer you a wide range of items, which include lingerie as well along with cosmetics and perfumery.
We want you to be satisfied with not only our products, but also easiness of getting them. For this reason, we continually broaden geography of our distribution network. To make it convenient for you so that you can get anytime everything required, we are increasing number of shops not only in the center of Baku, but also in other densely populated communities. If you are our repeated client or you prefer wholesale, we deliver products to you and take responsibility for transportation so that you will get rid of unnecessary trouble. Care for beauty and health is also necessary outside of the capital city. That’s why today you can get our products in Sumgayit, Mingachevir, Ganja and Nakhchivan. Moreover, delivery to these towns (excluding Nakhchivan) is executed by Company vehicles.
Company Ideal always seeks to keep up with the time. We widely apply modern information technologies in order to efficiently respond to your wishes. Today we are particularly thoroughly developing electronic order system and client communication service. Furthermore, we devote undivided attention not only to your feedback from trade centers, but also to specific types of products you are getting. In this way, all of our Company activities are built so that purchasing process would turn into a festive event for you and have the most pleasant impressions on you for a long time.
In order to achieve all these results we need:

  • To steadily grow Company management and implement effective technologies and flexible methods in management.
To make success in business is impossible without accurate and systematic management. That’s why we have created an accurate management system of Company. First of all, we establish principles of own corporate culture, in which Company values prevail over personal interests. What can be more valuable for Company employees rather than favorable work environment, mutual respect to one another and flexible motivation system? Not surprisingly, in return we receive responsible, sincere and candid relationship with this kind of approach. Team work is our achievement and indispensable condition. Management and employees are a solidary body, likewise, we not only inspire mobilization for decisions to be taken, but also rapidly solve problems arising in work process. To reduce problems as much as possible, we continually strive for improving professional level of our personnel. Our top management consists of professionals in their fields with corresponding educational background from well-known universities. They have great experience and expertise on the positions they occupy. To increase qualifications of full time personnel is one of important components of management. We regularly arrange trainings and probations for our employees. In brief, all our activity aims at establishing creative and accountable work environment, in which initiatives and innovations are encouraged in order to increase Company rating and in which people making image and team of Ideal are the main assets. We do not forget about business ethics either and recognize the fact that cosmetics and perfumery market is a sphere, where concurrence and competition will always be very strong and keen. However, it does not justify unfair struggle, outlaw methods, “black PR” and so on. Company builds its business on the principles of honest concurrence and adequate competition. For us competition is some kind of drive demanding continuous improvement and steadfast self-improvement. Thanks to it we look into the future with confidence and optimism.
IDEAL – is an image chaste, perfect,…to attain this it is necessary:
  • To work at own image
We firmly believe that positive opinion about us is the foundation of our image. Attentive, responsive relation to our clients, comprehensive knowledge of all types of products being offered, united design of trade areas, corporate style of personnel uniform, diverse PR and promotion actions play vital role in forming our Company image. We set the reputation of a credible partner and together with you work at creating own positive image. We steadily develop towards setting a recognized national brand.
İDEAL – in pursuit of perfection…