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Practical Legal Skills Essentials of Corporate and Business Law

Practical Legal Skills Essentials of Corporate and Business Law


March-May,Monday and Wednesday,19:30-21:30 at PTC Office Nərimanov r-onu ,Əliyar Əliyev küç. 122

Course Description:

This course aims to introduce main concepts and vitally practical aspects of legal science, legal ethics and skills necessary for both rookie/wannabe lawyers and non-lawyers in corporate and business context and critical thinking skills that the course graduates will be able to apply in real-life legal issues. The course comprises 8 themes which will examine behavioral/professional skills in legal and business market and major legal concepts such as corporate law, business organizations, contracts, banking and financial institutions, intellectual property, employment law, investment environment and liability and many other issues that people and law students encounter during job interviews as well as in the beginning of their careers.

Target Audience:

Job hunters, recent graduates, law students and any person who is fond of law

Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to teach lawyers and non-lawyers to understand laws, introduce basic legal concepts, understanding the legal environment, business and work ethics and importance of legal matters in business decision-making processes, develop basic legal reasoning, document drafting, interpretation and problem solving skills and etc

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will have a theoretical and practical knowledge of legal concepts, be able to do basic legal research, provide basic legal analysis and advice and definitely feel more confident and one step ahead and the most importantly may survive without a need to consult a lawyer for main legal issues (to some extent, of course!).




Training is delivered in English

Teaching Methods:

- Lecture

- Group Discussion

- Case analyses

- Others

Course Materials:

To be provided per each class


3 months, 60 hours 

Evaluation Policy:

Final exam   100%

Course outline:


• Welcome to the harsh world of lawyers!
• Drafting and tailoring a professional résumé for lawyers
• Reviewing and discussing résumés provided by the students
• How to effectively search for jobs, interviews and other opportunities
• How to effectively and properly use social media without “destroying” your career
• Interviewing skills for lawyers
• Ethical issues, conduct and communication in a work environment
• Networking skills
• Internal and external correspondence as a lawyer
• Client Intake and KYC
• Filing, Archiving and Handover documents


• General introduction to the legislation of Azerbaijan: practical aspects
• Legal Systems in the world. Sources of Law in Azerbaijan
• Legislative documents and adoption thereof
• Court System
• Legal research


• Corporate Law:
• Legal Entities – general provisions
• Classification and Forms of Non-Commercial Legal Entities
• Practical aspects of state registration and management of Non-Commercial Legal Entities
• Drafting of constituent documents
• Classification and Forms of Commercial Legal Entities
• Choice of a legal entity for specific businesses
• Peculiarities of state registration of Commercial Legal Entities
• Drafting of constituent documents
• Formation of Charter capital
• Organizational-Legal Structure
• Management and Authorities within a Legal Entity
• Licenses and consents required for certain businesses
• Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence
• Liquidation and Bankruptcy of Legal Entities


• Introduction to Contract Law: Definition and General Provisions
• Classification and Forms of Contracts
• Formation of Contracts
• Capacity and Representation
• Validity and Enforceability of Contracts
• Standard Conditions of Contracts
• Performance and Non-Performance
• Statute of Limitations
• Assurances for Performance
• Change and Termination of Contracts
• Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
• Where and How to find necessary contract templates
• Contract Drafting Skills
• Contract Negotiation Skills


• Banking and Financial Institutions
• Functions and Regulatory Powers of the Central Bank
• Regulatory Legislation of the Central Bank
• Banks: State Registration, Licensing, Management
• Non-Banking Institutions 
• Opening of Bank Accounts
• Issuance of Loans
• Saving Deposits
• Security and Mortgages
• Bank Secrecy
• Drafting the templates of the most widely used documents in banking practice


• Intellectual Property – General Provisions
• Trademarks
• Trade Secrets
• Patents
• Copyrights
• How to protect a Business Idea


• Intellectual Property – General Provisions
• Trademarks
• Trade Secrets
• Patents
• Copyrights
• How to protect a Business Idea


• Employment Law – General Provisions
• Employment Contract
• Working hours, Rest and Vacation Rights
• Remuneration
• Liability
• Drafting an Employment Contract and Other Employment Related Documents


• Investment Environment
• Offences and Crimes related to Business

Training Fee per Month: 189 AZN
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Final Exam:  3 hours


Certification Ceremony